*He grabs the rose quartz crystal from my desk, squeezes it in is hands, looks at me and says I love you, gives me a kiss, sets it back down and runs away.

*He asks why people on the internet forget that there are actual people on the other side of the games he’s playing.

*He asks about animal rights.

*He challenges and pushes me.

*He sleeps ten hours a night, falling asleep to the light of a moon that hangs in his room and he controls by remote.

*He claps his hands in the morning to turn on his clock and then yells for me. He never gets out of bed without one of us coming to the door. Which is usually followed by giant hugs, talks about dreams or a simple proclamation: I’m hungry.

*He loves our Sofie pup.

*Most of the time he likes homeschooling. He’s too hard on himself so we talk about that. He loves to read and do math.

*His heart is brilliant, empathic, open, fun, silly, warm, and wise.

Sunny day

age 6

when I was just beginning to feel my own skin

a monarch butterfly landed on my arm

her perch was delicate

elated by feeling chosen

there was no one at home I cared to show

I walked four curving neighborhood blocks to

show my friend

this bright orange and black magic

When I was almost to the house at the end of the cul-de-sac,

large, white, fenced with flowers

a tiny dog came running out from another driveway

the butterfly was gone

I didn’t even see her go because that tiny dog scared me

I froze, went silent, held my breath, screamed inside

The dog ran away

I was terrified

After knocking on the door of my friend’s house

with no one answering

I let myself in

shaking and crying I didn’t go upstairs but walked through the kitchen to the backyard

where I sat on the very top of her giant slide

and cried

felt like hours before I came down

and walked back home

no one ever saw my butterfly.


If I could love you


In the ice at the end of the world

You’d hate the poetry but wouldn’t bite the poet

Your lips

Your face

Your eyes

You’re wicked and lovable and beautiful almost every second at once

Hello to your black hair

Goodbye to your Snow White skin

We don’t know where you are now

Giant steps you made away from us in January

and by July you left from New York forever

Without warning

Without listening to Morrissey on an island where no one is supposed to be sad

You made me smile and I knew you were the only one to get the joke

So you were on my mind in paradise each day as I drove

to lift mountains,

to lift sand,

to clear my head of troubles.

Christmas will come again without you

And I’ll remember how we talked under twinkle lights about misery and about longing

Maybe if

If maybe


All The Boys


One told me he loved me in a note he put on my car in the middle of the night

One asked me to marry him

One told me I’d make a great stripper because I’d appeal to pedophiles

One called me a sexual dynamo (I was still a virgin)

One ran with me naked through a graveyard

One said I was fat

One wanted to change how I dressed

One I had just met pleaded for hours for sex with me

One pushed my head down so hard that I pushed back

One wouldn’t stop teasing me so I kicked him just once in the shin and made him bleed

One tried to pull me away from my friends

One drew me pictures

One wrote me poems

One cheated on me

One I cheated on

One confided in me

One listened

One carried me away from a car wreck

One showed me self worth

One groped me as a child while coaching my gymnastics team

One threatened me

One was fired after sexually harassing me

One I accused of cheating on me because I was insecure

One told me through a friend that I wasn’t good enough for him

One I thought was too good for me

One only talked about himself

One never asked any questions

One was a dream

One I kissed under the stars and then he fucked my friend

One wanted me to have five of his babies

One paced outside of my apartment

One moved away

One was far away

One I just liked to kiss

One broke my heart

One could’ve ruined everything

One married me



One. Get my upper back tattoo covered with something new.

Two. Read twelve books.

Three. Project #upsidedown2014- doing an inversion pose and posting it to instagram every single day (or most days, we’ll see).

Four. An exercise set of 100 every day which change each month but can be repeated. For example January is squats, I’m doing 100 squats everyday for 31 days. February will be lunges, March push-ups and so on.

Five. Meditate for at least two minutes each day. I’m looking forward to increasing this and feeling out the results.

Six. Finish and put out my book. I’ve been quietly working on a book since early summer last year.

Seven. Friends. Be a good one, have good ones.

Eight. Travel. Outside, inside, where I live, over oceans.

Nine. Love. All the vegan food. All the fitness. All the yoga. All the family. All the everything.

Ten. Passion.  With all I am and do.


♥ Ami

When Vegan Cuts announced their Beauty Box this summer I read it on twitter first thing in the morning and literally jumped out of bed to subscribe! So let me tell you about this treasure box that comes to your door once a month for $19.95 (with at least a $40 value- what!?!).

♥ Fact: something in this box will become your new favorite go-to product. A big standout for me is Relogy. Their targeted acne spot treatment is so fantastic that I’ll definitely be purchasing it again when I run out of my FULL SIZE sample that was in the beauty box!!

♥ I’ve tried lotions I never would have tried because maybe I thought citrus scented wasn’t for me but oh my the lotion is so creamy and wonderful and perfect that yes I want more and I’d buy it for loved ones!

♥ Some things I know are adorable but won’t use I’ve passed on to friends and guess what, they totally love me even more now.

♥  A lovely postcard is in each box listing what’s included- adorable!

♥ For me, November’s shining star is Medusa’s Makeup – a gorgeous, super fine glitter combo foundation, shimmer and blush in Healthy (psst- Vegan Cuts, if you can carry all the colors I think I’d buy them all because I’m in love)!

♥ Guaranteed no animals harmed, the best of the best makeup, nail polish, lotion, hair care, deodorant, skin care, lip balm (omg I got a peanut butter one from my first beauty box by Fanciful Fox that I love!), and more. The gift that keeps on giving!

Go vegan on your beautiful body!


p.s. Vegan Cuts also has the best customer service because for November they sent me the Beauty Box for my subscription plus a bonus one to review! So I passed the love onto my girlfriends to enjoy my extras! xxxxxxoooooo

I posted this on facebook, thought I’d bring it here to expand a little more. Seven things you may not know about me.

1. Once I ran through a graveyard at night -naked.

Probably should stop that story here. It was pretty innocent, actually and as respectful as an experience could be while naked in a graveyard.

2. I often have dreams that come true about people who are dead or alive and who I may or not know.

This started at a very young age for me. At six years old I dreamt of a recently deceased family member and she came to tell me a few things which came true. My dreams are filled with people I know and about strangers, I get little visions and symbols in my dreams that usually come to pass shortly afterwards.

3. I collect dresses. I have about 300.

I love clothes and I’ve been collecting dresses for years. Some I don’t wear, some I’m set to give away but I have over 200 in rotation. Funny thing, as I get older and want to be a more ethical shopper my choices are slimmer, so that’s probably a good thing! :)

4. I love art. As a kid I thought I’d be an artist, own a gallery and a store, choreograph dance, have parties with artists. Strange for an introvert. But stranger still is we have good friends who do own a gallery similar to the one I dreamt of as a kid and we do have XOXO, both have opened doors to conversations with artists I would have never known!

Grateful for all of the above! What can I say?

5. If we’re close friends now or have been in the past you should know I crazy love you, think you’re beautiful and only wish the best for you. I’m obsessive in the best way. 

Truth. I love big and forever.

6. I could eat dessert for every meal.

And I practically try to. I often melt dark chocolate into my oatmeal in the morning, frozen bananas and sweetness in my green smoothies with Plant Fusion Phood chocolate caramel protein powder, and dinner- I guess I keep that savory. <3

7. Being vegan defines almost every action I take. I probably think about veganism as much as a teenage boy thinks about sex.

Cheeky statement above aside, being vegan truly is my compassionate view of the world. I am no better than any other being. Love for all.





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