Into Green

Pummeled into green with the latest


If her knees felt more like water she’d drown

inside her own furiously bleeding beating

red heart

sending her spine pumping through her back

now a journey with wings

surgically removing your sky eyes from their pursuit



if you meet yourself again in a lion’s arms

you’ll be brazen

The patience phase is done



An empress in sunflowers approaching summer

impending swims

black swans

sweating outside

even under shady trees

You should get what you want

she chases no one but herself

shimmer see through wrapped up in fear

as she is

she still gains traction

she’s magic

worthy of hope


Bring moonstone and flowers

Specifically cherry blossoms

and tattooed names on your skin

Bring see through doors, blackout curtains

 a soft green sweatshirt

and songs we sing along to

Bring day four without a rush of red

soulful country music

and sandy twirling beach toes

Bring more of the sunshine making me dizzy

views from dormant volcanos

and bottle caps

Bring words you’d never say to anyone else

the kisses to back them up

and strong breaths behind my ear

Bring your stories of goodbyes the ones that make you smile

from anguished memories

and your blackest luggage

Bring them to me


Hey, bluebird!

May is going too slow

turtle pacing the snail

while attracted to a shark

I am the wing in the wind in your absent mind

take the bus

feeling sad looking out at the empty field

men in protective masks at the old laundry building

my bubble city

filled with lazy waiting wishes


Cold oatmeal foot steps

she fell away into a deliberate accident

lay by the sunset

You never know where she is

dirty river

sprinkled with swimmers at her edge

don’t drink the water

don’t say the words

she dreams

question her need for forest animals

Seven years

sketches of love

challenging what she could have

Who’s too good for who?

She said she’s brave

she said she deserves cinematic moments

she said if he judged her she shouldn’t want him

Wish she could be by the lake again

with hope and a fearful degree of misery

on her teenage skin

She shakes with the grief to come

her face will be okay in a minute

The same things she wants for herself

she wants for you

Naked with whiskey and cava

by street lights

on the pavement where guests walk

she told you almost everything

And now

she waits

A wise young girl told her to get used to her new skin

another one said he’s not here to rescue her

but what are we even here for

if not

for the grand rescue

for the walk home

for the red shoes

for the magic

of accidents


Ghost girl in dreams

won’t speak

or look at me

through transparent grocery aisles

I talk around the boxes

she looks my way

shortest second

I’m alone amongst those who acknowledge me

Bruised knees

we’re in the same place

yet never

did I want this pain

You took away our old women

our long conversations


dancing in parking lots

vows taken at the water

I will swim deep

until my lungs leave me ready to breathe again

without you


I understand now

eyes wide with fear

I feel hunted

never chased a blue star or

been to the south

my heart darts

because my running route

is predictable

so unsafe

so tight

so loved

Fleeing from the green dragon

towards his questions

and red threats

time for tattoos


and hula dancers

Leave us alone.

Lemon Sunlight

He loves green

he loves warm sand

on his feet

he no longer likes dragons

She stepped over the sunlight

feeling sad for


she reaches and pulls

reach pull

reach pull

Because in the desert you forgot

your tone is fake smiles,


glitters in

shimmering pink poolside umbrellas

Her face


she scratches

she burns

And she dances

because she knows how lucky she is

Can it be turned upside down





this truth

it finds it’s way out

on the phone

or in a hospital

while death ticks off time

in a nurses well charted notes

She dares you to look in the mirror

and be the impatient lion

stare her down

roar from your toes

stand in that

and share

give it to yourself

What is this kingdom built upon?

Her desperation

is no surprise

once you know

her mom doesn’t like her

She delivered your box of lemons

without stealing a one.


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