What is your favorite way to relieve stress?

pedicures, massages, chocolate, beach walk, forest hike, shopping and/or exercise. and definetly not in that order. it depends on the stress and the level and the timing and availability of said relievers. heartfelt conversation with a kindred spirit. sometimes just driving and listening to music really loud is so very satisfying. oh and what about a nice nap? yes, naps are good too. hugs from husband and son make it difficult to stay stuck in a funk with all their yummy love. being creative. painting, drawing, writing. making something tangible of beauty that speaks to your heart. hmmm i've got lots of good ideas… if only i could remember them when i get all freaky stressed.
and how about perspective. that can change everything. if you've lived through any dark sad moments or even let yourself feel what is going on on our planet then maybe you can find a different view to step out of the moment or feeling you're caught up in. but if it is bad, just breathe. like my grandma and husband's grandma have said, "this too shall pass."
the lovely distractions of life that make lifes sweetness real and help us face the hard stuff.

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