If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?

if i could write a book and write it well i would do a beautiful telling of our love story. we've known eachother since we were 16 and 14 years old and there were trials, tribulations and utter bliss from day one. there have been moments of magic that would be difficult to put into words but oh if i could. and it's not like i haven't tried. and i've examined different methods. everyday the story gets longer. everyday there are more blessings to count. what a film it could make..anyone want to buy the rights to andy and ami baio's romance? oh and the casting, i'm open to suggestions but i do have some actors in mind.

and ever since i read my sister-in-law's zine, "how fucking romantic", i've been inspired to write about personal heartaches and first crushes. but the names may have to be changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent, you know who you are after all.

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