What's your favorite restaurant?

my favorite restaurant is greens in san francisco. the food, over time i must say hasn't exactly measured up to it's earlier days, nor the service. but for sentimental reasons it is just one of my favorite places to be.
when i lived in tacoma, washington and my then boyfriend now husand was attending uc berkeley he took me to greens during one of my very first trips to northern california. we didn't have a lot of cash flow but we lived decadently because we were in love and we wanted to. dinner at greens became a tradition and once i moved there it was set aside for special occasions and when family and friends came to visit.
one such time summer, andy's sister came to see us for the weekend. i remember walking everywhere and showing summer everything and every cool neighborhood. i also remember feeling cranky cause it was august and it was hot and we walked everywhere!
so i was at work and i had this vision of andy bringing me a sunflower, and when he met me in the lobby at the end of the day he had a sunflower for me. summer, andy and i headed out to the marina to go to greens for dinner that saturday night. we had loads of yummy vegetarian food and then came dessert. my chocolate cake arrived  and andy got up from the table for a moment, presumably to the restroom, and i dove into my favorite part of any meal, the chocolate part. andy was gone for awhile, when he returned he was a bit nervous looking. he pulled back the chair next to me and asked me to marry him. i was stunned and had a mouthful of cake. i knew we couldn't afford an engagment ring but there he held a little black velvet ring box! i was so excited i said yes! yes! with my muddy mouth.
and that is why greens is the best place ever.

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