I really love tarina tarantino and she has just released a lovely collection inspired by alice in wonderland. which i just happen to be reading thanks to dailylit.com. it is worth looking at if you like sparkly trinkets to adorn yourself with.

another latest obsession is a cute little marc by marc jacobs handbag i found on shopbop.com. it's chocolate brown with blue bubbley polk a dots. i'd wear it with everything. it's the perfect shape and size with a zipper down the middle.
i need zippers.

myrebe.com has bella bloomers for $75. i love these pants and wore them throughout my pregnancy. but i bought mine at a street fair in santa monica for about $30. i'd love to have another pair, but i'm cheap and waiting for another sale again.

i discovered yesterday that i am now small enough to fit into a size 10-12 in little boys at old navy, specifically pajama pants. i bought the green robots pair. they are super cute. i also own an argyle sweater vest from babygap in a size 5 toddler.

so this is what my vox blog would be like if i just wrote about stuff i like and randomly catches my interest.

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