If you could write like one fiction author, who would it be?
Submitted by Marilyn.

i'm so predictable, ofcourse i have to answer tom robbins. he's an aquired taste for some but i jumped head first into his cotten candy, mushroom taking, andy warhol collecting, surreal-crazy-smart cloud on the first page of the first tom robbins book i ever read, still life with woodpecker.

side note, eliot cracks me up. he's been saying, "that's interest." when he means, 'that's interesting." and when i was cleaning off his highchair the other day he said, "mama, you're a good cleaner."

another side note for clothing. the last two days i've been in my pajamas because i haven't felt well, but today eliot and i will go out. so i am wearing my plum ag angel cords, a thermal with apple/hearts all over it in greens and purples and a purple old navy tank layered on top.  

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