Which household chores do you most/least enjoy?
Submitted by falcon.kmc.

because i have such a great interest in nutrition i'm becoming more interested in cooking, which is great. if only i could get my meat eating husband to enjoy vegie-eating more.

and actual chores, nope i try to leave the dirty work to my wonderful maid who comes twice a month.

outfits from yesterday: out to lunch with a friend i wore a chocolate brown mini dress (i paid $7 for it at nordstrom rack!), stripey socks and knee high wedge brown boots. i carried a brownish, orangey, and green sweater coat for when it got breezy. last night we went to the flickr 333 party and i wore my slendid brown long sleeved tee and brown tights layered under a thin sweater dress (from forever 21) with a deep v-neck and the same brown boots.

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