In your ultimate dream house, what does your favorite room look like?

i love modern clean design. my dream room looks similar to the current dwell magazine cover. i think it would have reddish-orange walls, high ceilings, cork flooring, curved openings to adjoining rooms. in the center of the main living would be a large atrium with a swing, a hammock and a large dining table with 10 chairs. simple green plants, maybe a small herb garden, gravel, large stone pathway, a fountain. it would all be a part of the main living area. sliding pocket windowed doors all around for easy access and fresh air.

it's one of my dreams to design and build a home for us. i want a rock climbing wall, a gym, an art space, office, bedrooms, modern open kitchen (part of the living area i described before), a couple bathrooms… so exciting. i've started a sketch book with drawings and clippings, mostly from dwell, that i hope one day i'll be pouring over with a talented architect and my husband and eliot!

outfits: yesterday i wore sweats at home. sunday i wore an army green hummingbird tee with a crocheted orange tank dress over it and my brown angel cords and sunday night i put on a white tank with my cords and one of my heartshapedsky necklaces (andy said i looked smokin') .  

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