he loves watching toy story and he says lines from the film like, "to infinite and beyond." but he also says "you are a selfish man." and he says it's from toy story.

he sings a little song he calls the rock baby song. he holds his hands palm to palm and swings them gently back and forth. then he says "look whats inside" as he opens his hands he says, "it's a baby."

he loves watching zoboomafoo.

he loves building, lining up, stacking.

i make a little hand puppet that talks to eliot and my hand is named eli the emu. eliot talks to my hand very sweetly and seriously.

he throws his arms around my legs and says, "i love you mommy."

last week as i was rocking eliot before bed he started touching my face and saying, "you have beautiful eyes mommy, beautiful eyes, you have a beautiful nosey mommy, beautiful nosey…"  and so on, to my chin, to my forehead, to my mouth. he's so sweet.

eliot loves to be super loud in public these days. he roars and makes noises and he's crazy!

he wants to paint a lot and i tend to shy away from the mess. i think we should do a painting day once a week.

eliot thinks it's so funny when we make up new lyrics for a song he knows. he giggles and smiles in anticipation of what random thing we'll sing next.

he likes to tell jokes and make funny faces and for him they're really one in the same.

also inspired by toy story is a game we play, "you are a…." insert funny nonsense noun. we go back and forth on that one for days!

he picks his nose and likes to climb, be buried in pillows, crash into pillows, throw pillows and snuggle pillows.

he loves to read books and play with his wooden tool set.

at times he seems fearless and other times very cautious. he cares about everyone around him, strangers and all, just like daddy! and we love him to pieces!

and he knows daddy works at yahoo! and asks almost daily to go to yahoo! and go see daddy.

he knows that two o'clock is nap time and nine o'clock is bed time. he knows when the sun goes down that it's almost time for bed and he'll tell you!

clearly i could go on and on. so. i'll save some more for next time.


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