Have you ever had a dream that came true? 
Submitted by rescout.

too many to list but a few that come to mind…

i dreamed of andy before i met him
i dreamed of eliot and that i was pregnant before i knew
i dreamed of my childhood friend, rhonda  after she had passed… too many details
i dreamed of my great aunt after her passing and she told me what she had left for my cousins and me
i dreamed recently of another great aunt after her passing
i dreamed andy and his whole family were piling into a big van to take care of his grandmother because she was sick,
a few days after i found out she was indeed sick
i've dreamed of seeing people i hadn't for a long time and then i do
i've dreamed about what new babies look like and i've been right

clothing: friday:free people empire wasted top with hearts all over it, jeans. saturday: purple james perse tunic/tee as a mini dress, black wool tights, black boots. sunday: free  people butterfly thermal with contrasting sleeves, ag angel cords and borns. monday: free people owl scoop neck thermal, ag cords, rocketgirl hoody, green new balance kicks. second monday outfit: harajuku lovers bunny short sleeved hoody sweatshirt and jeans (park with eliot!)

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