in honor of eliot's 3rd birthday time for a BIG eliot post!

*while watching thomas this morning, gordon came on and he said, "just like riley's! i want to go to riley's house again!"

*picking up an empty paper towel roll he says "rrrrrr i be a pirate!" and "walk the plank!"

*"where do grammie and gramps live mommy?"

*he builds track on our big ottoman in the living room and makes train noises and race car noises. whenever i try to chime in he says "no mommy, like this" and repeats his own noises.

*e talks to my hand and we call it emu. he says goodnight to emu every night and talks to emu when he's feeling a bit uncertain.

*since eliot knows i can do voices and he can talk to his toys i now am often called upon to "make him talk mommy." as he patiently stares at his toy and waits for a reply.

*e will walk in on me watching tv and say, (depending on what it is i'm watching) "are you watching oprah?" or "i want to watch scrubs." or "what's on american idol mommy?"

*i asked him if he wanted a rescue pack or a puppy for his birthday and he said, rescue pack!

*he's been singing happy birthday to mommy

*he sings and tells jokes constantly, all day, every day.

*while we were in portland last week he started singing a song that i have no idea where it came from, hos brain or the doodlebops! there was about 15 minutes last week when i was in the shower and he watched some bops… maybe someone can help me with this but he sings over and over again, "life is kachay, life is kachay." help! when i asked it meant he replied, "when a door is open." or something. i said, "that's very poetic eliot."

*he always says "i'll show you a funny." "turn your head and i'll show you a funny."

*his new favorite book is called, never tease a weasel.  he's been advising others.

*he says, "i want to do it all by myself." a lot!

*while playing with nesting blocks he placed a block on each foot and called them shoes. next he makes the larger block "hatch" a smaller block. he says, "look, another baby hatched, mommy."

*eliot's been telling us about his dreams lately. in one there was a giant pea knocking at the door, in another he was pooping all different colors and mommy was cleaning them up.

*he sings the themes to "go deigo go" and 'bob the builder"

*e's doing a great job counting

*he loves to eat plums, bananas, blueberries and he's finally eating broccoli!

*eliot's very sweet and compassionate and cares very much what others are doing and what their names are.

*oh and one more thing, we have a game i'm not too keen on but i can't seem to stop it. when i say i love you he sometimes says back, "you don't love me."…i think i've told that one here before. but he's still doing it!


mommy loves you like crazy!

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