What was your favorite road-trip of all time? 
Submitted by bodhibound

going on 16 years ago now, my dad and i went on a road trip from washington state to southern california. it was very awkward because my dad and i have a very strained relationship. but, i can't knock him down for trying, or myself for that matter. and we tried to spend some time together back in 1991 on our way to visit my brother and his new bride.

now the reason why this was the best road trip ever, with that opening may seem confusing, but it was. on our way down the highway i closed my eyes and day dreamed/napped the long hours away. one of those dreams was one of the most significant of my life. i saw a young man on a beach between two houses. i couldn't see his face but he wore a black t-shirt and black jeans. we reached out for each other in this foggy hazy twilight.  we exchanged some  words, which i will keep to myself.  we embraced and it was wonderful.  in the car speeding along i opened my eyes.

later that evening i was in my brother's house and in walked my new sister-in-law's nephew and niece. i was startled and calm at the same time. it was the boy from my imagination, right in front of me, reaching out taking my hand in a black t and black jeans. 

in a few weeks we'll be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.

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