What decision changed the course of your life? 
Submitted by Ally.

having a baby!

that baby is now 3 and he's hilarious!

when andy walked through the door on monday after work eliot was wearing a green t-shirt, a diaper, white socks and his new spiderman light up shoes. and to top it off he had on my bicycle gloves over his tiny hands which he said he was pretending they were his spiderman gloves so he could shoot webs.

today i tied his t-shirt around his neck so that he could have a cape and pretend he's superman.

he loves to sing the spongebob squarepants theme song.

tonight he took my cell phone and was trying to take pictures of himself by repeating, "i love mommy" into the phone because sometimes that's what i ask him to say instead of "cheese" when i take his picture.

he worked me over today by having a huge fit in a public place. a fit that i haven't seen the likes of for about a year now. he said he was sorry and we had a good talk. so, we ended up going back to the scene of the crime after the discussion and retrieving a free balloon from the shoe department at nordstrom, the balloon that made him scream was now a joyful and sweet moment.

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