i'm currently blurry eyed from watching the new documentary that aired last night on TLC, Crazy Sexy Cancer. at first when i viewed the commercials for the doc i felt like i couldn't breath, i felt offended at the brazenness of the title. but something in me had to see it so i tivo'd it and hoped i wouldn't make my face swell from crying when i eventually saw it. cancer, in my limited view was crazy but not sexy and not this. but who am i to say. i was holding my breath as i watched and found myself smiling at her beauty and bravery and the other women she introduced me to.

 kris is the kind of woman you hope to be your friend. fun, silly, smart and open. she'll be in my neighborhood in a couple of weeks and i now hope to meet her, that crazy sexy survivor! please watch this one if you can. my stomach feels so uneasy and fearful after seeing a part of her journey but my heart is full of that weird kind of hope that in the face of adversary you just must find.

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