What are some things that are worth (and not worth) spending money on? 
Submitted by pinejar.

i love good food. good travel. nice clothes. a home. a car. and a little extra for some peace of mind. that come what may we can still eat, be dressed and have a home.

but what happens to all this stuff we buy and generally spend money on? andy and i have been discussing this because we want to get rid of some, or maybe a lot, of our stuff. what kind of impact do the things we buy truly have on our environment, our economy, or world? as i pack bags full of stuff i've spent money on i envision their new lives. perhaps on a goodwill shelf and then brought home to someone else's world. who knows? i just know i can't care, cause it's just stuff.

don't get me wrong, i'm holding on to my mom's ring and charm bracelet and a bracelet that my brother and sister-in-law bought for me in Mexico after they lived there for awhile, came home, and got married (but that's another story.) i'm being selective about the sentimental stuff. the necklace i wore in high school with a tiny rainbow assortment of beads and a bell on the end. and the necklace lydia made for me all purple with a silver angel charm. that one hung in my zoomie car for a long time.

so the stuff worth spending money on are things to do with health like good food and how about massages too: traveling to see this world and the beautiful people we love on it: oh, i do love clothes and a bargain, and now they need to be eco-friendly to boot! a home to live in of course, again hopefully earth-friendly. a car is nice to get our booties from place to place (and eventually i hope to have a "green" automobile). hopefully to eat good food and see great people instead of buying "stuff". and yes a little extra for some peace of mind, some wiggle room, for a rainy day, for someone else's rainy day and so on. i like money, i like having money. i like sharing money and experiences and life. may we all have the money we need to buy the stuff we need. and may we be self aware and true to ourselves through our purchases.

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