there was a story on treehugger today that tugged at my own invisible mermaid tail.

two fisherman found a deer alive in the ocean about a mile and a half off the coast.

 was the deer called by zeus? summoned by mermaids? did he wish to be a merman? did he need some time away from the forest? or was he thrown out? was he frightened into the water, backed into the proverbial corner? did he want to go for a swim?

 a part of me can relate to this delicate animal, strong and serene. he's swimming, he's struggling, perhaps a little lost at the possibilities before him. but he keeps swimming, no less determined to find his way.

 was he relieved to see his saviors? or was he dismayed that they cut his progress short? was he in love with a sea turtle, a dolphin, a shark? was he following a sea star or his heart? did he know his way home? was he scared? when they brought him back to his suspected starting point was he thankful, confused, disappointed or in big trouble?

and what is he plotting next?

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