*while eliot was watching tv yesterday he exclaimed, "mommy, there's a rocket on earth… i want to go there… you  can come with me."

*last night he wanted to stay naked after his bath. and then he asked to wear the pirate eye patch i've got out as a halloween decoration. then he grabbed his captain hook sword, so i grabbed the camera.

*his favorite show of the moment is wow wow wubbzy. he says lines from the show all the time. my least favorite being, "i give up." but for the most part it's a cute show.

*he wants such big boy toys already. he's been asking me for binoculars because he wants to do "spying."

*today while we were out he begged me for a magnifying glass. so he could "look at interesting things."

*while playing play doh and making star shapes he quietly sings twinkle twinkle.

*if we're i a place that echoes he begins yelling/singing the abc's.

*he tried to lasso me today and proclaimed, "now, i'm gonna throw you in the trash, mommy." who is raising this child?

*he loves to paint. also, when he's in the bath he gets lost drawing on the sides of the tub.

*he loves jumping on the trampoline at my gym.

*he loves chocolate, dangerously almost as much as his mommy.

*he told me recently that he's all done with eliot's house. he wants to live at cooper's house.

*he loves, much to my chagrin, to punch, blast, shoot, throw and generally heave anything as a weapon. strangely, only with joy and fun. that's my only comfort that my kid picked up a little people's farm fence today ad saw it as a gun. i'm blaming his father.

*now on a diet with substantially less cheese, my boy's bowel movements are normal for the first time in many many painful months. im so happy for this. he's so imaginative and silly and more himself now that he's pooping. i can hear him groaning in the future as he reads this. just trying to capture a moment, my love!

*he got up after taking a non-nap yesterday and i was in the middle of a workout. so, i continued while he watched and asked, "what are you doing, mommy?" i of course told him and he asked "why?" and i said because i love to exercise. and his reaction was so cute. he looked into the full length mirror in our bedroom and said. "i just love to exercise too. cause i love my body, mommy." yeah! and while i was doing sit ups he leaned into me and said i love you mommy. i loved this.

*eliot pushes an invisible button the left of his chest and then springs his arms out as wide as he can to emulate buzz light year.

*from watching wow wow wubbzy he calls every invisible machine like thing he thinks up a "something something 3000"

oh my amazing boy! so silly so fun! eliot's smile is a ray of light. i pinch his cheeks and kiss his soft little pile of red hair every day and i love him so much!  what more can i say?

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