Which person from your past, who you've lost touch with, do you wonder about the most? 
Submitted by ancora impara.

melodi daniels
shelly sampson
jackie rogers
albert livsey
richard sloniker
becky kilts
ahram kim
nate johnson
april ackerson
george graham

this is a list off the top of my head, couple old boyfriends~ just curious. a few girlfriends from elementary school. and a few high school friends. where are you guys?

melodi was wonderful. she was the girl everyone wanted to be friends with. we had sleepovers, played in the snow and tons of friends in common at kapowsin  elementary in graham, washington.

shelly sampson was my mormon friend. she came from a beautiful, close family. when i met her i told my mom i wanted to be a mormon.

jackie rogers. every boy loved jackie! but a few girls, not so much. she was a kid that got anything she wanted all the time. but we always had a blast together. i loved her!

albert livsey. we told everyone in the seventh grade at bethel junior high that we were brother and sister. he was just cool.

richard sloniker. first kiss. seventh grade. he was super tiny skinny kid with red converse.

becky kilts. so special. i send you lots of love wherever you may be!

ahram kim. super cool-geeky smart girl i knew at puyallup high school.

nate johnson. senior class president at puyallup. my friend.

april ackerson. sometimes i know when i'm going to like someone a lot when they completely aggravate me at first, i know so crazy. april was trouble and sweetness. i send her love all the time and i hope she's unbelievably happy..

george graham. i had such a big crush on george in the seventh grade. i asked to wear his jacket all the time. i think i was probably really annoying. he was a little blonde goth kid. i started listening to the cure because of george. i think i was about 20 years old when i was leaving a restaurant in seattle after a late night of dancing when i heard someone call my name. it was george. he gave me a big hug and there was this certain something there that i can't exactly say.
i can't give it all away since i'm using his real name, but he seemed happy and that was really nice to see.

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