What did you do as a child that you feel guilty about even to this day? 

i've had two dads since i was seven.

 there was this moment when my real dad dropped me off at my mom's house after a weekend visit. my step dad came down the stairs as my dad was lingering in the front door with my mom trying to be friendly. i don't remember exactly but i felt suddenly exposed in this duality of two dads. sam, my step dad called his beer gut "ralph" and over the course of this particular weekend at my dad's house i called his belly "ralph". i froze in my spot unable to imagine the war that i had brought upon myself by bringing a nickname, a joke into both households.

nothing happened. it was slightly awkward for a moment. maybe i realized they could act like adults for my sake. maybe i wondered why they didn't wrestle each other to the ground trying to prove who i loved more, and who loved me? whatever the case no one brought it up, not ever.

and i haven't thought about it for a very long time. but, this QotD seemed so odd to me, and i thought about it all day. and, well this is what ended up popping into my head, divorce is painful. it tears families and children apart. it tears children down the middle with a dull knife. leaving gaping wounds that take precious time to heal. maybe i needed to remember that moment one more time. now it's time to let that go.

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