What is the best present you have ever given?
Submitted by quornflour.

i think one of the most meaningful gifts i ever gave was about six years ago to andy's grandma. i had a big idea and i drove all over santa monica and venice trying to put it together. there were three necessary items: a red boa, black shiny tap shoes, and a red glittery beret. it was for her birthday. the red boa, no problem, tap shoes~ found them in a dance store in venice, but that red sequined beret was no where to be found. so i bought a black one, a red velvet ribbon, some rhinestones, and glue. the velvet ribbon was for the edge of the hat but it needed one more thing for this lady, a little angel charm. when she put it on she glowed, she danced, she did her signature leg in the air with her foot over her head! she was a gift and her spirit is endlessly generous still.
 happy birthday, merry christmas, and happy day to you peggy. we miss you and thank you for your gifts every day.

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