got in to new york city early last thursday morning on the red eye. we ate breakfast at olives at the w hotel where we were staying and then fell asleep…

thursday evening:
angelica's kitchen-early dinner
bird bath bakery- vegan sweets

atlas- breakfast with vegan cupcakes for dessert
milk and cookies-dessert (not vegan)
'snice- grabbed a cupcake for later
max brenners chocolate cafe- drinks
woogies- cosmos
olive and bettes-boutique
marc jacobs- shopping
arturo's- pizza dinner
the denim hub-boutique
an ren-closed and no hours posted!
gominyc-closed and no hours posted!
toy store- across the street from the denim hub
jonothan adler- design store

toys r us
fao shwartz
grand central- the most magical christmas show ad feeling here at the train station
moo shoes- vegan shoes!
thai food- i can't remember the name
kaight- boutique
nick's-greek food dinner
patricia field-ultimate punk rock boutique
teany- i wished we'd had a meal here. i grabbed some vegan desserts to go

the coffee bar- breakfast with my high school prom date who lives in brooklyn
candle 79- dinner on the upper east side, gourmet vegan food, i'm still wanting more
the natural history museum
indian food- didn't catch the name here either, it was on colombus upper west side
crumb- cheating again with a delicious cupcake i shared with eliot and andy

le pain- brunch with andy's friends
macy's- to see santa claus, it went beautifully!
soy luck club- sandwich and a soyafrost before heading to jfk
kid fresh was at jfk! what a great surprise because i had forgotten it while in the city.

all in all new york is the greatest city in the world. nicest people, rivaling sydney in my opinion. great people watching. endless shopping, restaurants, and beauty. i heart ny.

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