How far from your last home do you live? Why did you move and are you glad you did? 
Submitted by Matthew 25.

i had a feeling that the qotd would draw me in today. how far from my last home? over 300 miles. in the last almost 13 years i've bounced from tacoma, washington to ventura, california to puyallup, washington to berkeley, california to santa monica, california to palo alto, california and this time next week we'll be packed up for our move to portland, oregon.

over the holidays people kept asking am i excited and what am i looking forward to and so on. well, aside from not wanting to leave california, i feel like crying whenever i think about it, i'm trying.

i have moments that i'm excited, open for the new experience, new restaurants, neighborhood, being close to family. but i hate ignoring my gut. my gut intuition tells me constantly that we shouldn't go to oregon. what am i to do? the movers are coming, we committed to a nice house in a nice neighborhood. maybe it's all this bouncing around that has me wondering where home is for us? what it means to us? eliot will need to stay in one place soon and this bouncing will have to stop. i think that may be my problem, i'm ready for it to stop but i don't think portland is it, no offense, portland you're really really lovely in a lot of ways. so we'll go through this move and have a new adventure and i'm very much open to changing my mind (and gut) about it. but where will we end up for the long haul? time will tell because i sure can't answer that query now.

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