my friend, roz recently wrote on her blog about something that got me thinking. she did a meditation on what she wanted her life to be one year from today. as a result, all that she does from here on out must be in line with her ideal day one year from now. i though, a good way to keep your goals in check. so, i have a few goals i've been thinking of and have been pursuing.

1. i want to draw more, again. i want to paint and create
2. i want to join a rowing team
3. i want to run some races, up to a half marathon
4. i want to have a second child
5. i want to go to kauai
6. i want to  have an amazing, toned, strong and athletic body
7. i want to go to paris
8. i want to learn how to make yummy raw desserts, soups and smoothies

i think maybe this sounds more like a two year plan!

*i've started sketching and have a small list of paintings i'd like to start.
*rowing teams in portland won't start until the spring. stupid weather.
*i'm presently looking over a race calendar for this year. the portland marathon is in october!
*i've got almost two years before my personal pregnancy cutoff date.
*talking about a possible summer '08 trip to kauai.
*i'm running 5 days a week, plus cross training myself with weights for a sixth day. plus yoga, pilates, trampoline. working on the  body!  but darn this stupid weather i currently have to do most training indoors. i also blame the weather for all the comfort foods i'm craving. stupid weather.
*maybe a spring '09 paris trip?
*i've asked for a kick ass blender for my birthday next week so i hope to be blending all kinds of yummy weird stuff as soon as possible!! i'm so excited for this. my order from arrives tomorrow. i don't know how i'm NOT going to bug andy until he hands over my blendtec (

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