side note: i was  going to wait to post this until the end of the week, but it's getting a little long. you get a gold star if you make it to the end!

on my birthday this week i began a new way of eating, and the week before i began a new training regimen.

first off, i'm using a book to increase my running mileage to possibly run a marathon. it's a 16 week plan where you run 4 days a week and the forth run of the week is your long run. i'm in week two. last week i ran 15 miles and this week i'll go 16.

my slight change in diet is to eat 98% raw until dinner time when i'll eat a (most likely) cooked vegan meal.

so here's what i ate this week:
tuesday: a tablespoon of E 3 live (a supplement), an apple, a banana and a raw chocolate truffle- all before noon
             a big salad at blossoming lotus with nuts and veggies, a rice paper roll- this had cooked tofu in it. for dessert
             i had chocolate mousse, also not raw but it was my birthday!
             dinner was at nutshell, i had a kale and chard cooked salad and a quinoa and peach stew. dessert was more
             chocolate this time a torte.

wednesday: a tbs. of E 3, an apple, a raw truffle and a pear.
                  got the new blender out and made a spinach, apple, kiwi and maca drink! that thing can blend! and a 
                  piece of raw fudge from blossoming lotus.
                  early dinner was leftover quinoa stew i threw some broccoli in
                  snacks- a chocolate cupcake and a pumpkin cookie

thursday: smoothie- one kiwi, package of fresh blueberries, one lemon, one lime, vanilla extract, vanilla creme stevia,  pinch of pink crystal salt, maca powder, E 3, bag of spinach and coconut oil.
                lunch- a cucumber, red pepper, cilantro salad from whole foods that i put on top of a pile of romain. raw fudge for dessert.
               dinner- cooked kale, red chard, broccoli, red pepper and garbanzo beans with curry and garlic. dessert was 
               a piece of dave's killer bread with a little pb&j
* another side note, i was very fatigued on my run this morning. i didn't listen to music, so i think that was part of it. but, after my massive drink this morning i've just felt amazing! i've been quick thinking and i can't explain this "clean" sort of feeling. my nose has been a bit runny which i read is pretty common when eating more raw and cleansing foods. i'm trying to eat a bit more today then i did yesterday because i don't think i had enough calories. i love to eat!

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