you know how you go on vacation then suddenly you're jut ready to go home? that's how i feel right now. i'm trying to embrace portland, i really am. but, when i think of california i get a little dizzy with longing. i hear joni mitchell singing to my heart about california, "oh california i'm coming home, gonna see the folks i dig i'll even kiss a sunset pig, california coming home". makes me blue. eliot is echoing my sentiments. he keeps saying he wants to go on a trip.

pdx positives:
the allen-gibson fam
vegan friendly
andy works at home

things i miss:
boot camp
my fav raw restaurants
the dish
spring starting in february (sort of)
ability to drive to see fam

what can i say? i feel weird here. like i don't belong. in some ways like an awkward teenager. yuck! i must change this mindset, and plan a trip!

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