lately, every morning  begins with eliot telling me elaborate stories. here are some highlights:

*"mommy. i need to talk about the end of the mermaid movie."

*"i wrote the words down in my book. words are like bombs."

*"i have two paths (pointing fingers forward), this one is the good one to choose. this one (pointing to the opposite finger) leads to the dragon."

*"batman punched the rock falling from the sky."

*"i'm a super hero. i have lots of charms." me, "what do charms do?" eliot, "i don't know." me, "i think they probably help you get things done faster." eliot agrees.

*"the star wars guys use bombs on the robots."

*"there's a lava cave with a dragon and a spider."

*he also talks about the sea witch in the little mermaid movie and her two eels and their strong tails.

*he talks about shooting spiderman webs out of his hands and bends his fingers correctly, thanks daddy.

*eliot is also really interested in reading, letters, loves books and his favorite tv shows of the moment are oswald and ni-hao kai-lan. he's been eating loads of vegie sausage patties, toast and butter sandwiches and apples and bananas. he's trying more new foods on his own which is good but keeps returning to the favs!

we love you so much eliot andrew! i think of you reading about yourself on the computer as you get older, and it freaks me out but hopefully you'll find it very entertaining!

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