last night i had a dream i was with lots of family members at the beach and there were mountains all around. there were large, extremely high mounds of sand. i climbed them then i began flying in the wind. i raised one hand up and it was as if my small hand was a kite and my body was the string. i was flying but a little scared of the height and the relative speed i had gained quite quickly in the wind.

as dreams can do the next bit is blurry but i can clearly recall a second part. eliot had done or said something cute and funny and everyone laughed. but the laughter that was loudest was my grandma mchatton's. i couldn't see her but i could hear her and it made me burst into tears. no one else could hear her. i woke up knowing it was a strong simple and true message … just because we don't see her … and you know the rest.

tonight i got a phone call on my cell, it was my aunt and she left a message. she sounds a lot like her mother, my grandma. she started off the message with "oh hi ami, it's …" it was so spot on it choked me up for a second and whirled me right back to my dream again this evening and that's when i knew i had to write about it. grandma's here in so many ways: her soul and love still enjoying her family, her support and her guidance are all still there. and my beautiful aunt, what a blessing she is. i can't say enough good things about her, just like grandma.

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