so my days as a double agent are over! i'm officially on a raw vegan diet. over the past three weeks i've  been experimenting with a cooked meal here or a dessert there and i've felt horrible and paid the price. when i've had raw days i've felt wonderful, clear and fabulous. the experience, so far has converted me.

less then a year ago i started to eat vegan. before that  i had been vegetarian, pescatarian and searching  for a couple of years for the best ways to eat for me. i'm so excited and happy to post this, and i do still feel like i'm in the experimenting phase, that for my own record and for those who are interested i'll be posting what i'm eating almost every day. you'll read, if you want, what my raw diet consists of, how i may learn and change it, and what my training schedule is like as i train for my first marathon.

 thank you so very much if you've read this far. hope we can learn together.


B: smoothie: raw chocolate hemp protein powder, cranberries, peaches, cherries, a banana, a pear and water.

L: orange. lara bar

5 mile run

S: raw chocolate mousse

D: raw broccoli salad with cashews that i love

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