i started my day with a glass of water with msm in it, same as yesterday but forgot to mention it.

B: smoothie- mangoes, peaches, spinach, sun is shining, coconut cream and water. 2 raw cookies.

S: raw chocolate

L: i was craving crunchy red pepper and nut cheeze, so i made it myself! ani's raw kitchen is a great uncook book and i found her black pepper cheeze in it, fabulous and easy. i sliced up a perfect big red pepper and scooped my cheeze right on for finger food. in the middle of my plate i had sunflower sprouts. i also sprinkled a few raisins and sunflower seeds all over the tops of my little "boats" and salad. this was incredibly good. i was so proud before i even tasted it that i took a picture!

5 mile run

S: msm and water, tangerine, 2 raw cookies

D: kale salad with crystal salt, carrots, avocado, zucchini, one squeezed lemon, poultry seasoning, and nama shoyu. on the side, a lydia's organic sunflower seed slice of bread.

d: chocolate mousse and strawberries

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