raw food talk. raw food websites, forums, uncook books, raw food coaches, grocery stores, co-ops, podcasts. whoo, i've been a bit obsessed. but, with any new way of living, and living is eating, eating is living, this is importnat to me. important to do it right, well, and delicious. there are so many rules. like food combining, heating, supplements, and controversy. controversy over cashews, fats, when to eat fats, fruits not to eat together, and so on and on. i tell you i am this close to searching out and paying for a raw food coach. i've had some scary bathroom trips over the last week or so that i've been 100% raw and some wicked stomach aches.

my personal top ten reasons i've gone raw:

1. improve my skin! bye bye rosacea
2. pure energy foods means pure energy for running- become an amazing raw athlete
3. find my optimal weight
4. require less sleep- raw foodies claim boundless energy!
5. eat food i truly love and lots of it because i really love raw food and when i do combine it right it's the best feeling in the world, no joke
6. lessen my carbon footprint, not eat animals, or animal products
7. i can eat loads of dessert! and i'm a cacao addict! i will not stop unless my body tells me so!
8. strengthen my immune system
9. a certain disease that begins with a "c" has shown it cannot thrive in an alkaline environment which the raw diet provides, so don't even think about it or say it!
10. clear head, clear conscience, clear thinking

i am passionate about this journey. i did 3 weeks of about 70% raw, and the last 10 days 100%. i've had moments where the curry and tofu looked good, but these cravings pass and i'm munching happily on my asparagus.

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