B: large glass of water with msm and cucumber slices in it. 2 bananas

the detox is on today! i was feverish last night and woke up with a headache that was/is still quite fierce. i read yesterday that the best way to eat a raw diet is to eat fruit in the morning, green smoothie for lunch, more green smoothie for dinner- or salad, and keep fats for night time. avocados and nuts can be eaten later and should be because they slow digestion of all those fruits and veggies. sounds a bit boring, those nut cheezes are lovely when one is still craving cooked food in some way. but, i think i may give this a try because i feel sluggish, hence the boring breakfast. and today is my long run day!

10 mile run

L: smoothie: a whole pineapple, a banana and spinach, well not the whole pineapple, just the good part!

so my smoothie turned rank on my fast, what's up beautiful pineapple? so i didn't get the 32 ounces down and it made me feel super sick! i took a little nap and andy and eliot even came to join me. nothing sweeter then being in bed at 5 in the evening on a sunday with those two. i feel better so it's dinner prep time.

D: veggies- broccoli, zucchini, carrots and cauliflower over a bed of rainbow chard with a cashew curry sauce on top, garnished with apples and raisins

so i didn't follow the principles above but i really wanted to try this recipe, we'll see if i regret it!

dinner was good but i subbed coconut oil/cream for the coconut water the recipe called for and the texture was off. i may try it again with the right ingredients, and half the recipe as well. too much went to waste. sad.

S: an apple, a piece of live fudge and a raw cookie

before bed a glass of water with msm

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