B: glass of water. st. patrick's day smoothie: cucumber, spinach, 2 kinds of pears, 2 stalks of celery, and a kiwi for decoration! this was perfection!

S: raw cookie.
i also made up some of ani phyo's coconut breakfast cakes. they are setting in the fridge now but i took the remainder of the dough and added some cacao powder and ate it straight from the bowl! everything is better with chocolate!

S: 2 coconut breakfast cakes, a few strawberries, and grade b maple syrup.

L: romaine tacos, recipe from goneraw.com.

4 mile run, weights, 5 minutes on trampoline. i'm working out through my cold!

D: spinach salad, scoop of alfalfa sprouts, 2 celery stalks and a scoop of cashew nut cheeze

i'm not in love with the breakfast cakes but i think i'll make some chocolate sauce tomorrow and sprinkle coconut, blueberries and bananas and taste how that is!

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