B: water! smoothie: banana, hemp oil, water, cranberries, mangoes, cherries, maca, cacao, and a pinch of some goji berry spread.

L: green drink: a pear, spinach, cucumber, 2 carrots, basil and water. celery sticks with the remainder of my cashew cheeze, and a tangerine

S: avocado with rawmesan- yum!

D: i made a beautiful plate full of coconut breakfast cakes, bananas, blueberries, coconut shavings, and chocolate dipping sauce. i couldn't finish the cakes, got through 2 and tossed the rest. won't be making those again, too filling and the texture was not appealing unless drenched in disguise!

S: 1/2 orange squeezed into a tall glass of water. and of course, ate the other orange half!

S: more snack! 3 tangerines and loads of water- must bust this cold!

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