B: banana, 2 apples, a kiwi, 2 raweos!

S: blossoming lotus food! 1/4 of their amazing parfait- cashew cream with vanilla and agave, filled with dried apricots, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit!

L: bl- collard wrap- sun dried tomato pate, carrots, cucumber, sprouts, and avocado.

husband went out for me today to blossoming lotus and whole foods! yipeeee! cause i'm STILL sick!

S: master cleanse drink, because i'm desperate to feel better! one squeezed lemon, honey and cayenne in water.

D: more bl food: veggie pasta

d: more parfait

kristin, over at kristin's raw just posted this link: eat it vegan doubters, just kidding!

Vegan diet may help ease rheumatoid arthritis: study


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