B: water. green drink from last night- spring greens and 2 apples. drank about 12 ounces. it made my nose run!!

S: i've been really craving sugary strawberry jam so i made some in my blendtec! kristin ar kristin's raw mentioned a little jam recipe on her blog yesterday. strawberries, dates to thicken and a bit of agave. i put it on top of lydia's organics sunflower seed bread and on one piece i put some raw almond butter and then the jam on top. so glad i did this, delicious!

L: i made a lovely cole slaw but i felt like something sweet. so i shelved that in the fridge for later and had some mousse with a really ripe banana- yum!

4 miles and weights! yeah!

S: asparagus and cashew nut dip

D: cole slaw salad- cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and spices. one red bell pepper cut up for dipping into sunflower cheeze dip.

d: blended up the remainder of my mousse for a chocolatey drink but i was too full so i set in the fridge for tomorrow.

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