B: smoothie- remainder of chocolate mousse milk as a base, a lovely ripe banana, cherries, mango, peaches, and blueberries.

S: cole slaw salad with guacamole and salsa

L: cricket- restaurant- tiny bowl of fruit and a salad with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes and spring greens.

i really missed having fat at lunch so i came home for:

S: grape tomatoes dipped in the rest of my cashew cheeze and a piece of sunflower seed bread with almond butter and strawberry jam

take it outside fitness class! but, it was indoors because of the weather. one hour- cardio, weights, and pilates ab work.

D: kalga cafe restaurant- seaweed salad and a coconut with a straw in it!

more D: very late cole slaw with guac and salsa.

d: i made fudgie walnut raw brownies yum!

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