B: banana

workout one hour at the park, stairs, more damn triceps! abs

second B: smoothie: 2 bananas, collards, 5 handfuls of spinach, scoop of raw jungle peanut butter, and a dump of cacao powder. what can i say, it's that time of the month.

L: restaurant- went to proper eats in st.johns today. had the raw fajitas. really cool place with nice people!

d: fudgie walnut ice cream, all gone!

nice article to read http://www.courant.com/features/lifestyle/hc-raw0331.artmar31,0,3002247.story

listen family i'm not the only one trying this diet: http://courant.typepad.com/raw/

just a little side not for myself. i just read about some "good skin" foods so i'm making a note of them here: carrots, ginger, oranges, zinc, b complex vitamin and selenium.

D:  soupy salad in the blender: avocado, 1/2 cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, nori, lemon and pink salt. oops, that was going to be my dinner but i switched directions entirely, just wasn't that hungry! i ate a bowl of fresh organic strawberries and blueberries and a few pieces of apple from eliot's dinner.

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