today is day 30! 30 days on a 100% raw food diet!

i know i'm very stubborn and driven but i feel great. i feel great because i set out to feel wonderful eating this way. but now the positive results of 30 days raw need to show themselves to me, right? because my next leap is experimenting with an occasional cooked vegan meal.

my mom just came to visit overnight. we talked about food a lot. it's just a subject i love. she said some very positive things like how great my skin looks, yippppeeeee! she tried my not tuna and commented on the complexities and layers of flavors. she wants me to take a blood test to find out if i'm lacking in nutrients. fine, i agreed to it. good to know! we worked out together yesterday for an hour in the park and she could see i'm not lacking for energy.

side note: i just checked on eliot at nap time. he was so busy peering out his window and he said to me, "i'm singing a song to a bird about a blue bird painting a blue house. i have to look out the window to do this." i said okay. so sweet!

back to raw! i'm really happy with how i feel so far. andy was very happy that i had zero grumpy pms symptoms. i was glad my period was light.

i dry brush my body every day before i take a shower. i'm using coconut oil on my skin- face and body every day.  i need to drink more water.  often the food i eat has so much water in it and i feel so full that i forget to drink more.  i love the food i've been making and the overall energy i feel. i feel more spiritual, more connected, calmer, perceptive, and open. i've heard some people sleep less, not me, i've still enjoyed lots of sleep. perhaps that will come later. my plan now is to continue with a high raw diet. always vegan.

i feel really lucky that andy has been so supportive, open and loving for my food/nutrition experiment.  thank you, love!

this post is all over the place. i'm better at lists:

top raw food benefits so far:
1. lovely skin!
2. no pms
3. light period
4. always feel satisfied, even when i'm hungry i'm not growly or growling hungry!
5. boundless energy while working out
6. really quick recovery while working out
7. trying to think of a less hokey way of saying i feel more in touch with myself….
8. more creative
9. no bloating, ever. that's a crazy miracle!
10. because i did 30 days raw i'm going to press myself somewhere wayyyyyyyy more uncomfortable for me- no shopping for myself for the month of april. those who know me well know this is wayyyyyyyyyy more of a challenge then raw any day! today is day 3. wish me well, please.

i love raw food and i'm so thrilled at the results so far! i've even got 2 special raw projects in the works that i'll divulge when the time is right!


B: smoothie- kale, 1/2 a cucumber, mango, blueberries, a banana, flaxseed meal, water and vanilla cream stevia.

L: blossoming lotus- granola, fruit, nut, seed, cashew cream parfait, few bites of live fudge

D: broccoli salad from last night, bite of live fudge, bite of raw chocolate cookie, scoop of almond butter.

went to see elizabeth gilbert speak, author of eat pray love. loved her!

late D at a restaurant: fruit plate- apples and grapes

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