last night was horrible and i don't know what did it but i was up until almost 3am running to the bathroom. i can't admit how much coconut bliss i ate, but nonetheless the results were bad. so today was kind of a weird food day.

B: smoothie- hemp protein powder, 2 bananas, blueberries, mango, and cherries. this is a favorite combo.

we went to the children's museum today. eliot spent a lot of time playing in the tiny grocery store and bistro kitchen. he filled up his cart and headed for the checkout stand where he waited in line and impatiently said, "what is taking so long?" wonder where he got that?

andy took him to another part of the museum while i visited with friends. andy called me and said he had just asked eliot if he wanted to go find mommy. to which eliot replied, "just call her on the phone." ha!

L: restaurant- broccolini with garlic salad, cucumber and tomato salad, raw cookie

more L: eden salad, takeaway from blossoming lotus. i had a few bites left of my zucchini pasta with sauce and walnut balls.

d: i made flourless chocolate with walnuts, dates, vanilla, water, vanilla stevia, and salt. with fresh blueberries and coconut sprinkled on top. this was divine. andy however disagreed. but, he doesn't usually like that rich chocolate taste. i ate nearly half of it. i cut the recipe slightly too because i knew i wouldn't be sharing much. the recipe is from raw food made easy.

D: avocado with a scoop of fresh salsa in the center. simple and yummy.

not working out makes me grumpy. taking a break should be nice, or so i thought, but i'd much rather have some time to myself to sweat and work hard each day. makes me feel good in and out.

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