3 mile run, 10 minute trampoline.

B: best smoothie ever! acai, 2 bananas, cup of coconut water and a touch of agave. the sky opened up. delicious!

S: e's apple skins

L: chili con carne- recipe from david wolfe's naked chocolate book. this is fantastic, gourmet looking, smelling and tasting. i cut the recipe and still couldn't finish it.

s: more of e's apple skins, 3 raw cookies. can't seem to get enough nutty fat. the cookies have almonds and cashews in them.

s: the rest of my chili con carne

i made some chocolate strawberry sorbet from naked chocolate, again, with eliot after his "nap", by nap i mean eliot's alone time where he plays and doesn't sleep any more!!

s: few bites of my sorbet/ice cream, not quite ready but rich and really satisfying.

D: kale salad with sunflower seeds, kalamata olives, half a squeezed lemon and a little fresh salsa.

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