3 minutes rebounding, 4 mile run, 10 minutes upper body weights, squats on the bosu, stretching

B: apple, smoothie: 5 oz. bag of spinach, acai, coconut water, peaches and a banana. even the husband tasted this abd thought it was yummy. he normally says a firm "no" on even trying the green sludge looking drinks! hehe

got some new boots in the mail today, that i ordered before my shopping hiatus. karma or irony or whatever you'd like to call it go right ahead. i didn't receive a pair of boots, i received 2 right boots, that ended up being one wrong because there was no left! i returned them and did not order them again because, well obviously. right?

s: orange

s: avocado with salsa

L: raw platter from veganopolis. i wouldn't order this again the nut cheezes were really bland.  i also ate some of eliot's big potato fries and 1/4 of his vegan grilled cheese sandwich. and here's a little story: i'm at the restaurant and the girl in front of us orders the vegan grilled cheese. i look at her red hair- just like mine and i notice her skin pinky pink and senstive. and i think to myself, "oh, she should not be eating that." and what do i do but eat some of that and can i just tell you simply my skin started tingling, bad tingling and i had a flare up of rosacea irritation. potatoes and vegan grilled cheese. so deliciously wrong for this fair skinned girl.

d: my raw rich chocolate ice cream, thank god i can still look cute while i eat this!

5 minutes rebounding

D: i made sushi! i wrapped up alfalfa sprouts, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, avocado and yellow miso maste. i ate it with pickled ginger. andy liked it too! what a day!

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