5 minutes rebounding


B: smoothie: acai, one banana, coconut water, cherries, blackberries, and mango

L: walnut taco meat, romaine, alfalfa sprouts, one avocado and mango salsa

d: banana with raw ice cream, tiny bite of raw dark chocolate- didn't like this expensive stuff! lame. bite of raweo cookie.

s: handful of goji berries and a banana

one hour workout at the park

D: wednesday night is becoming a routine to go to kalga cafe for a wakame salad and mango coconut smoothie.

while driving downtown yesterday, eliot and i, we found ourselves on this small stretch of freeway where you feel like you're on the water, bridges all around and a green grassy park on the opposite side. a break in the rain meant we saw some blue sky too. eliot was talking away pointing everything out to me, the boat in the water, the buildings, the city, the bridges. and he specifically points out, "mommy, this is the perfect place for us. portland is the perfect city for us." i got really teared up really fast because i respect his little boy insight and wisdom so very much. my heart couldn't agree with my eliot though. so i just said, "okay,"  while i quietly hoped he was right.

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