this is something i'm quite interested in and passionate about: diamonds and how silly they are.

one story sticks with me and i never explained it to my then, very new friend, roz savage, what exactly was on my finger.

 we were partnered up for some ab work at boot camp and while i was pulling myself up doing sit-ups roz remarked on my ring. something like, wow, that's a ring, or the like. well, not even diamond talk can stop me while i'm working out. so i never got the opportunity to tell her it wasn't what she thought. i haven't worn a diamond ring for years. i wear a huge sparkling cubic zirconia, a CZ, a big fake one on a lovely platinum band. my ring does have a few little real diamond rocks in it, albeit tiny, laid into the band. it's a lovely design. my husband might cringe at this admittance because men need to provide and so on, blah, blah blah…i like sparkling things. i don't like sparkling things that are marketed to me and pushed on me since i was a child. "a diamond is forever" and such. the big guys want us to believe a diamond is rare making sure only so many get into the US so the price stays up. they hurt people to this end, end of story. many people have blogged about this much more eloquently then me. if you'd like to know more these are great articles by anil dash and he links to other useful information on this subject:

and yes my husband could buy me a big old diamond if i wanted one, but i don't and i can't imagine i ever ever will!

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