1/2 banana and hadful of goji berries
6.5 mile run, was supposed to be seven, tried a new route and it wasn't long enough!!

B: smoothie: spinach, peaches, lemon, blueberries, and 1 and 1/2 bananas

s: tiny itty bitty sweet pear

L: salad at the farmer's market- had garbanzo beans in it- not raw

s: the rest of my notuna

s: made a green smoothie for tomorrow morning, had about a cup this evening. red kale, 1/2 lemon, peaches, and blueberries

D: pasta with beans in tomato sauce, homemade bread

d: banana cake and jam

so in conclusion, wolfing down all this cooked food has made me realize i need to stick to raw. the food i had tonight was super yummy, not like last night, but i don't feel the happy buzzy energy of raw food. i don't feel light, i feel heavy and well, that's enough evidence for me. it's these social situations that are challenging. i love the people in my life and food is such a very big deal. i don't want anyone to feel bad, or think that i think i'm better then anyone else, or any negative thing at all. i, too hate feeling left out and i just want to enjoy the company of family and friends no matter what's on my plate, or in my bowl, or in my mason jar. ha!

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