B: smoothie- coconut water, acai, banana, mango, blueberries, hemp oil, vanilla pudding- from last night- (ingredients are dates, vanilla bean, coconut meat, coconut oil and lucuma)and a scoop of almond butter. i added the almond butter at the end after tasting what i had made thus far. it was just too sweet. the only sweeteners i've used are a little stevia, agave, dates and fruit, in most of my recipes. the premade acai juice has added cane sugar. would the cane sugar be that unappetizing?

eliot cuteness:
eliot woke up and started telling me stories from his hand book about witches, wizards and spider-man. spider-man even had a electronic diaper with buttons! the characters were getting caught in sticky moss and there were spells being cast.

L: broccoli salad with cashew cheeze sauce and celery

s: banana with almond butter, jam, and cacao nibs

one hour workout in the park- running, hills, ab work, lunges

D: cauliflower curry with red bell pepper, peas, and cilantro. this was so spicy i ended up sprinkling raisins on top because i needed some sweet to curb the hot!

d: bite of raw dark chocolate

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