this was in my google feeedreader this morning:

cutting meat and dairy out of your diet makes you healthier inside and out. it also helps the environment, the world, and future generations to have a healthy planet. the information is there. and we need only review what we've done and how we've been eating for the last what, 25 years to see the drastic changes big businesses have created through greed. people are fat, unhealthy and sick. and we as a country spend too much money and resources increasing the animal products in the standard american diet.

B: 2 mugs full of squeezed lemon, cayenne and honey. i've got a scratchy throat and an occasional cough. yuck!
    smoothie: coconut water, mango, chia, cacao powder, mesquite, 4 dates, a small orange, parsley and rainbow  chard.  this made about 36 ounces!  and the orange/dates/cacao combo rocks!

"If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That's the single most important thing you can do."
—Sir Paul McCartney

L: oh my!!! i just made a recipe that my husband tried and he said to bring it to him when i'm done so he can eat the rest!  what??? i made the recipe up, too! i put cashews, dried mushrooms, fresh basil, dried thyme, oregano, rosemary, onion powder, sea salt, olive oil and water into the blender for a thick and creamy italian dressing. i put a bed of spinach, diced celery, and cut up 4 plump right off the vine tomatoes on to a plate, poured the dressing on and decorated with more torn fresh basil leaves and fresh ground black pepper. did you get that? meat eating hubby is eating a raw lunch. yipppeeeee and yum.

D: green smoothie: 5 huge handfuls of spinach, coconut water, dates, scoop of chia, peaches, and cherries.

D#2: i had the green smoothie in hope it would fill me up and make me not want the cooked food i was craving, but i was wrong, so i gave in and had some indian cooked spinach, saag and a piece of (raw) lydia's sunflower seed bread. must listen to those cravings!

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