"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." — Eleanor Roosevelt

B: 28 ounces of water. smoothie: i just kept adding and it did'nt turn out great, oh well, i drank it! red chard, coconut water, acai juice, cacao, mesquite, msm, sun is shining, touch of agave, 2 bananas, an orange, and 1/2 package of blueberries.

i also grabbed a date, took the pit out and placed a small amount of pecan butter in the center- something i've read many many times on raw websites, but hadn't tried it. and oh my, i had a sally moment in the kitchen! what a treat this is!!

*i just asked eliot "if you could get mommy to do anything what would it be?" he answered, "poop on your head." and then he proceeds to crawl on my head, and say "i pooped on your head and now it's sliding down your face."    

*"i can do a lot of cool tricks," says eliot as he plays a hibernating robot stuck in his cave.

L: a piece of lydia sunflower seed bread, 1/4 avocado, romaine leaf, scoop of "dancing chicken salad" from last night, a couple grape tomatoes and black pepper. i made a mistake and prepared 2 of these and could only eat one. i hate being wasteful!

3 mile run, weights

s: i wanted to want the other half of my lunch but it sounded just awful so i repeated my date treat from the morning and had a banana and water after my workout.


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