B: vegan oatmeal chai blueberry pancakes at jam- today these lost their draw for me. they just didn't taste good. not enough blueberries, and too doughy.

s: 2 ounces- shot of wheatgrass at jamba juice, they looked at me like no one ever orders this, peculiar!

L:  vegan tempeh bbq wrap- blossoming lotus takeout from food fight, lucky me! i've been craving tempeh and this was alright, too many onions.

40 minutes jumping, 5 minutes abs and 10 minutes weights

s: rest of the wrap

D: cashew cream/nut/fruit parfait- raw- bl takeout

eliot and i went to rudy's today where i got a haircut while he played ms pac man! we also went to scapegoat, portland's vegan tattoo shop, where i browsed the books and eliot played rampage! before those two adventures we played in a toy store with a remote control car! and before that we stopped at jamba juice and eliot drank a tiny free smoothie that had mango, strawberries, orange sorbet and more!

tonight we're watching monsters inc. while daddy paints the town with comic book artists, i can't make this stuff up.

oh yeah, and as we step out of scapegoat eliot says, "mommy, i think i want to get a tattoo of a bird."

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