3 mile run, weights, squats, abs, jump and stretch

B: 28 ounces water with msm and half an orange. and the rest of my strawberry shake- strawberries, almond milk, dates and banana

L: green drink: 2 cups water, spinach, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg- how yummy is nutmeg? the rest of my broccoli salad

s: chocolate pudding with cherries and a banana

this was in my google feedreader today. eat it up people!

Raw vegetables and cancer – there is a link!

I just love when I come across articles like this one from my new favorite site Vegetarian Baby. From the article:

“The researchers looked at the past diets of hundreds of breast cancer victims and healthy controls, and like many studies before them, they found a modest trend towards decreased risk of breast cancer development in people with the highest daily vegetable consumption. But when they broke up intake categories into raw vegetables versus cooked vegetables, they were surprised to find that women who ate just a single small salad a day seemed to cut their risk of developing breast cancer in half (compared to those who like only ate a salad every couple days) while the women eating the most cooked veggies didn’t seem to have any protection from developing breast cancer at all.”

See the rest of the article here.

i got a tattoo tonight! i'll post pictures soon, please send me some sweet fast healing tattoo vibes please!! i went to the vegan tattoo shop here in portland called scapegoat. sam did my art and the guy at the counter gave me the run down on tattoos not being vegan- the ink! especially black ink, it's made from animal bones. yucky! and not cool.

D: blossoming lotus take out: potato salad- not raw and eden nut salad- raw

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