today is the last day of my no shopping for the month of april challenge! i bought a tote bag and hair clip the first weekend of my self imposed task! i also bought new running shoes mid month, i fell at the park people, on my bootie! i hit my tail bone for the second time in 4 years. those of you who know the pain of tail bone hitting i don't need to explain further. and i did get a tattoo monday night which is sort of shopping for myself? it was money spent on me that was something i didn't need, so does this mean i should go longer? maybe.

this challenge has done me good. last year i challenged myself to go through my entire wardrobe wearing everything once before i could buy anything new. well, that went over badly. it was just too too long. the 30 day length is perfect and fun and most importantly, achievable! beautiful! anything i've thought about buying i've simply had to continue thinking about which of course i forget because it truly wasn't that important to begin with! gorgeous revelations for me!

however, i am still thinking about a t-shirt at herbivore, and in my amazon basket i've got this cool bicycle accessory and some books…and i've been wanting some orange knee socks. but this is progress, i swear! i went to two different malls, lululemon-my favorite! and much more thought will go into buying from here on out. congratulations to me.

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